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The Standards set by Opportunity - The Training Organisation as appropriate to the crane industry

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What Employees
need to know

What Employers
need to know

 Training to Secure a Future


People who operate and service cranes and machinery that lift loads take on significant responsibilities. There is always the potential for loads or cranes to fall on people, buildings or equipment if tasks are not treated with the level of skill and attention to safe procedures that they require.

A skilled operator is a craftsperson in their own right, but these skills and knowledge that gain such respect, are only achieved with proper training and experience.

If you aspire to be a skilled crane operator then you must commit yourself to a significant amount of training. It does involve a certain amount of theory, but the greater part is a programme of well rounded hands on skills development.

Training to secure a future.

There is no place in the New Zealand Crane Industry for operators without training.

What trainees and potential trainees need to know.

What Employers need to know

The Health and Safety In Employment Act 1992 , and it's underpinning codes of practice, specify significant responsibilities on employers when it comes to training of people employed in the workplace.

Ensuring that employees are adequately trained is not optional. It is mandatory.

Deciding what is adequate is often open to debate. However the courts give credence to employers who adopt training programs based on the standards specified by National Standards Setting Bodies appointed by NZ Qualification Authority (NZQA). In the case of cranes the standards have been determined by the Opportunity - The Training Organisation (PCAITO)

What Crane Owners and Employers need to know.

Site Managers

The Health and Safety In Employment Act 1992 makes site owners and managers accountable for safety on their sites including hazard identification involving any contractors and subcontractors they engage.

Prudent site managers specify competency standards for all personnel employed at workplaces and audit compliance.

The Opportunity - The Training Organisation (formerly PCAITO) has specified competency standards in all areas of crane operations to assist New Zealand Industries to reduce workplace accidents and boost productivity.

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