Site Owners Hazard Identification Check Sheet

Check items Yes No N/A
Has your team been advised when the crane will be working on site      
Is the ground area cleared and prepared for the crane      
The area has been checked for buried service such as drains and water mains may      
The weight of the loads to be lifted are confirmed      
A trained and competent dogger is available to sling loads and direct the crane      
Warning tape and any necessary holders are available to keep people clear of operational area of the crane.      
Crane operations will not come closer than 4 meters to any power lines.      
Loads will not have to be carried over people or other machines      
The weather suitable for the intended tasks      
The dogger can maintain line of sight with the crane operator.      
Noise level is okay for verbal communications      
Radios, if applicable, can be operated on an interference free channel.      
General public is not at risk      
Permits, if applicable, have been obtained      

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