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The design, manufacture and testing of the crane.
Crane Owner/Manager
Management of cranes, equipment and specialist people
Crane User/Manager
Management of site, workforce and public
Crane Operator
Hands on control and first line responsibility

The Essentials of Crane Safety

Crane Owners & Management

Crane safety is a team effort.

It involves complete co-operation and communication between all personnel involved with crane and lifting operations.

Crane OWNERS and MANAGEMENT must be fully aware of their responsibilities in the area of crane and lifting operations, as well as any shortcomings within their own organisations.

It is the duty of management and supervisors to ensure that the men who prepare the crane and ancillary equipment, maintain it, operate it and work with or around it are well trained in both safety and operating procedures.

The responsible crane owner develops and fosters a programme of accident prevention measures including:

  • effective operator training in equipment familiarity

  • effective instruction in how to prevent crane accidents

  • effective equipment preventive maintenance.

The owner’s attitude has a tremendous impact on how "tight a ship" is run by crane personnel on the job. In companies where the boss tends to have a lax attitude towards equipment maintenance and safety, other people involved - being all too human - tend to reflect the same attitude.

KEY ELEMENTS in owner/management responsibility in all crane operations are: -

Cranes and equipment must be maintained in a condition that safety is not impaired.

Management has the overall responsibility for safety and supervision. Avoiding accidents begins with an aggressive and effective accident prevention programme educating all personnel in safe practices and the assignment to the crane crews of definite, individual safety responsibilities. The implementation of such a programme will reduce the possibility of accidents and also result in a more effective business organisation.

Owners and management should ensure that manufacturers’ operator’s manuals and this safety manual are made available and fully understood by crane operators and personnel involved in crane operations. Operation and maintenance manuals must be readily available to personnel in charge of the operation & maintenance of cranes.

A well-maintained crane is a safe crane; it engenders pride of ownership, confidence and job satisfaction.

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