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Roles & Responsibilities


The design, manufacture and testing of the crane.
Crane Owner/Manager
Management of cranes, equipment and specialist people
Crane User/Manager
Management of site, workforce and public
Crane Operator
Hands on control and first line responsibility

The Essentials of Crane Safety

Crane Manufacturer

Ensure you follow the manufacturer's manuals for maintenance and operation

Safety begins with a crane designed, manufactured and tested to approved World standards to ensure safety and efficiency in operation.

When todays cranes leave the factory they are a result of a combination of the latest developments in technology, advanced engineering techniques and research, coupled with skill and ability in manufacture.

Modern technology together with advanced factory testing facilities have enabled the demand for cranes of increased lifting capacities and versatility to be met.

Manufacturers recognise that their machines operate on all kinds of terrain under widely varying job site and loading conditions calling for a broad range of capacities, lifting heights and radii.

Manufacturers design, build and test their cranes to meet these conditions but have no direct control over inspection, maintenance, lubrication or operation of the machines after they leave the factory.

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Power Crane Association of New Zealand