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Roles & Responsibilities


The design, manufacture and testing of the crane.
Crane Owner/Manager
Management of cranes, equipment and specialist people
Crane User/Manager
Management of site, workforce and public
Crane Operator
Hands on control and first line responsibility

The Essentials of Safe Crane Operation

"Human Error"
The Greatest Cause of Crane Accidents
Cranes are dynamic machines. They demand and deserve the respect and safety consciousness of everyone associated with their use, maintenance and operation.

People are the biggest influence on safe working conditions. The single most important factor in preventing injury and death on the job is having competent and reliable personnel, who are safety conscious.
Competent and reliable people are those who:

Have acquired through a combination of qualifications, training or experience the knowledge & skill to perform the task required;

  • Take pride in themselves and their work;
  • Are mentally alert and at their physical best;
  • Are knowledgeable about and have a healthy respect for the powerful machines they operate or work with.

Effective instruction and training in the basic safety principles of crane operation and accident prevention measures are essential and vital requirements for all people involved with cranes.

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Power Crane Association of New Zealand