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Regulatory Requirements

The Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992

An Act of law relating to the health and safety of employees, and other people at work or affected by the work of other people.

Provides information on duties related to health and safety in employment for employers, employees and compliance inspectors etc

Duties such as hazards management, training, supervision, accident reporting and the availability of information are dealt with.

The relationship between the Act and underpinning Regulations and Approved Codes of Practice are also explained.

www.osh.dol.govt.nz/order/hseact-text www.osh.dol.govt.nz/order/catalogue/153.html

The Pressure Equipment Cranes and Passenger Ropeway Regulations (PECPR Regulations) 1999

Regulations that underpin the HSE Act and have specific reference to crane operations and management.

The PECPR regulations detail the requirements for those working with cranes and also equipment and circumstances when exemptions apply. Particular reference is made to equipment safety and statutory inspections and compliance.


Approved Crane Code of Practice

The code of practice provides statements of preferred work practice or arrangements and may include procedures, which could be taken into account when deciding on practicable steps to be taken. Compliance with the code is not mandatory, however they may be used as evidence of good practice in court.

The code deals with all types of cranes and other equipment when being used as a crane. e.g. a digger. Standard hand signals are included.


Approved Code of Practice for Load-lifting Rigging

The purpose is as above.

The code deals with all items used to support loads suspended from cranes and rope used as an integral part of cranes. Tables and charts used to calculate equipment capacities are also given.


Vehicle Dimension and Mass rules

On 1 July 2002 the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass (the Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Rule) came into effect.

It updates and replaces many parts of the legislation relating to the dimensions and weights of vehicles used on public roads


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