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 Technical Information

The Essentials of Crane Safety  click to load

Crane safety is a team effort.
It involves complete co-operation and communication between all personnel involved with crane operations.

What is your role and what are you responsibilities?

How to get the right crane for your job  click to load

"Crane arrived on time"
"Load was ready to lift"
"Crew were ready to go"
But !
"Crane couldn't get close enough to place load within the constraints of the site!"
"Job delayed because we got the wrong crane!"
Sound familiar? Here's some clues

Definition of a "Critical Lift".

A none-routine crane lift requiring detailed planning and additional or unusual safety precautions

Critical lifts include:

  • lifts made when the load weight is 75% or more of the rated capacity of the crane; lifts that require the load to be lifted, swung or placed out of the operators view; of lifts made with more than one crane;
  • lifts using more than one hoist; lifts involving none-routine or technically difficult rigging arrangements: hoisting personnel with a crane or derrick;
  • lifts involving hazardous materials (e.g., explosives, highly volatile substances); lifts involving submerged loads; lifts without the use of outriggers
  • using on-rubber load charts; lifts where the centre of gravity could change; or any lift that the crane operator believes should be critical.

Recommended terms and conditions of hire  click to load

A recommended agreement that sets out the rights and responsibilities of each party

Download as Word file (left click to view, right click to download 70KB).   Download a Word version for printing (left click to view, right click to download 70KB)

Regulatory requirements  click to load

The Acts, codes of practice and regulations that cover the industry
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