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Verticon New Zealand Ltd
Street address 
Postal address 
Phone  (09) 263 6886
Fax  (09) 263 6882
E-mail  pmeyer@verticon.co.nz
Peter Meyer
(021) 399 057
No. of cranes   
Crane details 
Crawler crane
1x 100 tonne IHI CCH1000 (with 95m tower attachment)
1x 400 tonne LiebherrLR1400 (with superlift attachment)
2x 250 tonne Kobelco CKE2500
1x 200 tonne IHI CCH2000 (with tower attachment)
3x 180 tonne Hitachi CX1800 (with 25 tonne fly jib attachment)
2x 150 tonne IHI CCH1500 (with 105m tower attachment)
3x 100 tonne Hitachi KH500 (with 90m tower attachment)
2x 80 tonne Hitachi KH300
1x 55 tonne IHI CCH550
1x 65 tonne IHI DCH 650
1x 50 tonne IHI CCH500
1x 30 tonne IHI CCH300 Hydraulic tele boom
Tower crane
2x 12 tonne Favco 750STD Luffing jib
1x 8 tonne Potain MR150 luffing jib
5x 16 tonne Liebherr 160HCL luffing jib
1x 16 tonne Comedil CTL250 luffing jib
1x 24 tonne Comedil CTL400 luffing jib
1x 8 tonne Potain MC175B trolley jib
4x 12 tonne Potain MC310 trolley jib
5x 12 tonne Liebherr 280ECH trolley jib
1x 40 tonne Liebherr 630ECH trolley jib
All Terrain crane
1x 120 tonne Liebherr LTM1120
1x 100 tonne Liebherr LTM1100
1x 50 tonne Liebherr LTM1050
2x 50 tonne TadanoTR500
1x 50 tonne Tadano TG500
1x 25 tonne Tadano TR250M
1x 40 tonne Kobelco T400
1x 25 tonne Kobelco RK250
Specialist cranes
2x 6 tonne Merlo 6010 material handlers

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