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Central Hire Ltd
Street address  60 Cawley Street, Ellerslie, Auckland
Postal address  P O Box 11 047, Ellerslie, Auckland
Phone  (09) 525 1005
Fax  (09) 525 1006
E-mail  service@hire.co.nz
Graeme Williams
(021) 424 210
No. of cranes   
Membership type   
Crane details 
Access Equipment
1x 15.4m tonne Grove AMZ50XT R/T Knuckle Boom
1x 17.6m tonne Haulotte HA18PX R/T Knuckle Boom
2x 20.3m tonne JLG 60G Telescopic Boom
2x 20.3m tonne Simon MP60 Telescopic Boom
1x 22.1m tonne Skyjack SJKBTK66 R/T Telescopic Knuckle Boom
1x 22.8m tonne Aichi SR210 telescopic Crawler Boom
1x 17.2m tonne Skyjack SJ1000-9250 R/T Scissor
1x 15.7m tonne Genie Z45-22 R/T Knuckle Boom
1x 15.7m tonne Grove AMZ51E Knuckle Boom
2x 14.8m tonne Snorkel MHP15DB Trailer Cherry Picker
2x 14.5m tonne JLG MS40 R/T Scissor
5x 14.2m tonne Crown MHP14DB Trailer Cherry Picker
2x 14.1m tonne Skyjack SJKB40C Knuckle Boom
1x 12.7m tonne Skyjack SJP35 Personnel Lift
1x 12.4m tonne Haulotte Compact 12DX Compact R/T Scissor
1x 12.0m tonne Skyjack SJKB33N Narrow Aisle Knuckle Boom
1x 12.0m tonne Haulotte Compact 12 Tall Slab Scissor
4x 10.5m tonne Dewar SP10.5 Off Slab Scissor
1x 10.2m tonne Skyjack SJ600-7027 R/T Scissor
4x 10.0m tonne Haulotte HN10P Vertical Mast
1x 10.0m tonne Grove Toucan 1000 Vertical Mast
4x 9.8m tonne Skyjack SJII4626 Slab Scissor
1x 9.6m tonne Skyjack SJP25 Personnel Lift
1x 9.4m tonne AM power Tower Trailer Personnel Lift
2x 8.5m tonne Mackay Skylift Off Slab Scissor
3x 8.1m tonne Skyjack SJII3220 Slab Scissor
2x 8.1m tonne Skyjack SJII4620 Slab Scissor
1x 8.1m tonne Skyjack SJPI20NS Personnel Lift
3x 8.0m tonne Grove Toucan 800 Vertical Mast
7x 7.8m tonne Skyjack SJM3219 Compact Slab Scissor

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