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April 3rd 2000

  PCA Goes On-line

The Power Crane Association is pleased to announce the establishment of their web site. The PCA National Council believes that this is a timely move and envisages it becoming a valuable tool for industry.

The Council has for some time foreseen the Internet playing an integral part of operations for crane companies, construction companies and related industries. At the PCA annual conference over the past few years, invited guest speakers have outlined how e-commerce is developing and what the likely impact on crane businesses would be.

The path ahead was clear, the PCA should launch itself into cyberspace.

The PCA has launched a web site development programme to meet this challenge.

The plans for the site are that it will have three main purposes:

  • Making members and their resources more accessible to potential customers.
  • Making of technical knowledge more readily available to assist members to operate efficiently.
  • Publishing current events and pertinent news of interest to crane operating companies.

The "Crane Register", that invaluable handbook published each year by the PCA, will be complimented by an Internet version that can be updated throughout the year. The opportunity also exists for members to have their own page within the PCA web site to further promote their products and services.

The technical knowledge sections will include access to data that is available in the public arena, through direct inclusion or through links to other sites. Part of this section will be accessible only by use of a password. Registration for access will be limited to financial members.


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