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From the President

A first class venue and successful outcome describes the 29th Annual Conference that was held on 17/18th July 2003 at Rydges Lakeland Resort in Queenstown.

With such a varied program, there was something in it for everyone. I would like to take this opportunity to again thank all guests, presenters, sponsors and display booth holders for their contribution and support and of course the delegates who attended. I would also like to thank at this time, our outgoing president Steve Handyside who has done an outstanding job during his "time in the chair", retiring from council Daniel Smith for his contributions over the past year and Gordon Stone for giving up 9 years of his life on council, Ian Grooby for his hard work, dedication and putting up with us and of course all of the remaining councilors. Thanks guys, its all very much appreciated. The incoming council has two new members. I would like to welcome on board Dean McPhee of Titan Plant Services and Euan Malcolm of Auckland Cranes. Thank you both for volunteering your time and expertise. The rest of us will try to use it wisely.

Please note that next years conference will be held on Thursday - Friday 15-16th July at the James Cook Grand Chancellor Hotel in Wellington. This will be the Associations 30th conference so let's all make the effort and attend.

"What the hell have we gotten ourselves into for the next two years?" I can hear you groan. The new president is a nuts, bolts and angle iron bloke and a bloody pom to boot. Well, let me put your fears to rest. I cut my teeth on tracked cranes (mainly 22 and 38RB's during my apprenticeship as a crane mechanic) then for the next 15 years, moved onto mobile cranes. Although most of my time now is amongst tower cranes, I am still a major user of mobiles and up in the play of things. And by the way, I am going for my New Zealand citizenship this year, so you can all drop the pommie bit.

Back to the serious part, a number of major items have to be considered by the new council during its next term and I'm sure that the other councilors, as I do, look forward to serving all of the members to the best of our ability.

From the Chief Executive

Another chapter has passed with a change at the helm and I would add to the sentiments expressed by the President regarding the work done by the Immediate Past president and also by the retiring councillors Gordon Stone and Daniel Smith. Many times I have said that this Association is fortunate that people are prepared to take time out of their busy work schedules to serve on the council and I am sure that the two new councillors will bring some new ideas to the table that will be of benefit to members.

The full list of councillors is:

Mark Clayton - President
Robert Carden - Vice President & Associate member's representative
Steve Handyside - Immediate past President
Dean McPhee - Associate members representative
Dick Parsons - representing Category B members
John Boyd
Peter Thompson
Jim Juno
Euan Malcolm
Malcolm McWhannell

You will note in the above that there are two Associate members representatives. Prior to the conference the details of the proposed Rule change was circulated to members. Following some lively debate at the Annual general meeting it was agreed that the Associate members should have two members on the council. The papers changing the Rules have been prepared and will be lodged with the Companies office shortly.

I would like to express my thanks to all members for the past 12 months which has been successful. To those who were able to attend the conference thank you for making it a success with a total of 165 delegates, partners and guests.

We can always do better and the council would like to hear from you with suggestions for topics for next year - yes planning has already started and the venue has been selected along with the dates (see above)

A special thank you has to be given to the members who generously donated raffle prizes and also to those companies who had display stands at Queenstown. A total of $1800 was raised from the raffles and fines and the council will decide at their next meeting what this money will be used for.

Finally I would like to thank the speakers who came from overseas and who participated and gave some interesting addresses.

Any member who was unable to attend and who would like a copy of the conference handbook which contains the annual report and financial statements please contact our office. With this newsletter is a copy of a small publication on the "potted" history of the association for the first 25 years. If you would like extra copies please contact our office.

Weighload Trophy

For the first time the trophy has been presented to two people who have given a great deal to the Association over a considerable period - Maurice Coffey & Giff Linder. Congratulations to you both - it is well deserved.

Crane Project of the Year

This year saw three entries from:

  • Brian Perry Civil, Auckland
  • Titan Cranes Ltd, Auckland
  • Barry Dinan Crane Hire, Upper Hutt

Once again we are grateful for the generous support of UDC Finance in sponsoring this event.

The winner of the award for 2003 was Titan Cranes Ltd and congratulations are extended to them.

The entry from Barry Dinan shows that small companies can enter so please start planning for 2004.

All of the projects will be featured in the Contractor magazine in coming months.

New members

A warm welcome is extended to the following:

Full members:

  • Ohakune Engineering Ltd
  • Enterprize Steel Ltd
  • Bougen Transport Ltd
  • Stark Bros Ltd
  • NETcon Ltd
  • Maui Rigging Ltd
  • Lyttelton Engineering Ltd
  • Tony Tay & Associates Ltd
  • G & T Construction Ltd

Associate members:

  • James Equipment Pty Ltd
  • Liebherr New Zealand
  • Industry Training Services
  • Global Hydraulic Services Ltd
  • Ancra NZ Ltd

New Qualifications

A brochure about the new diploma was left on the tables at the conference and copies will be mailed out shortly. This has been developed following a request made at the Christchurch conference in 2001 and it is now up to members to take advantage of the programme if we are to get new blood into the industry.

We have recently registered two new Unit Standards on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority Framework relating to self erecting tower cranes and the resource material is being written for these at present. Details will be released as soon as formal registration is given and the material is available.

A number of industry experts have been working in the past few months on new Unit Standards and National Certificates for piling and these should be registered later this year. We will keep you informed of progress.

Qualification achievements

Since our last newsletter a considerable number of trainees have achieved their National Certificates - some getting both tower and mobile certificates. They are:

National Certificate in Crane Operation (Mobile)

  • David Marple, Titan Cranes Ltd
  • Mervyn Miller, Babcock New Zealand Ltd
  • Glyn Allen, Babcock New Zealand Ltd
  • Brian Edmonds, Babcock New Zealand Ltd
  • Robin Hanvey, Babcock New Zealand Ltd
  • John Young, Babcock New Zealand Ltd
  • Kingi Davis, Babcock New Zealand Ltd

National Certificate in Crane Operation (Tower)

  • Dave Bradley, Department of Corrections
  • Johntaa Cornell, Department of Corrections
  • Maurice Paniani, Department of Corrections
  • Walter Collier, Towers Auckland (2002) Ltd
  • Mervyn Miller, Babcock New Zealand Ltd
  • Glyn Allen, Babcock New Zealand Ltd
  • Brian Edmonds, Babcock New Zealand Ltd
  • Robin Hanvey, Babcock New Zealand Ltd
  • John Young, Babcock New Zealand Ltd
  • Kingi Davis, Babcock New Zealand Ltd

Certification of Operators

We have been on about this subject for a couple of years and we have just given our final recommendation to the Occupational Safety & Health Service. We anticipate that there will be a few administrative details to be dealt with before a final decision is made and changes are made to the Pressure Equipment Cranes & Passenger Ropeways Regulations 1999. We will keep members informed of progress.


In the past day or so I have seen the new schedules for 2003/4 - some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that if you are hiring a crane without an operator (classification 774306) the rate has gone up from $1.24 to $1.49. The good news is the rate for crane hiring or leasing with operators (classification 421012) has gone down from $1.24 to $1.16.

Axle Weights & Loadings Group

Many members will not be aware of this group which is under the jurisdiction of Transit New Zealand and has a number of representatives from industry, including the PCA, NZ Heavy Haulage Association etc. From its inception our Association has been represented by Max Whiley and he has always ensured that the interests of the crane industry have been taken into account when issues have been debated that could affect us. Max has now taken a well earned retirement from the group and he has been replaced by Robert Carden who I am sure will continue to serve the best interests of the industry.

Contractor magazine

Phil Whyte, Managing Editor of the Contractor magazine was given an opportunity to address delegates at the conference on the direction of the magazine. There is no doubt that this is a great industry publication and well read by all members. At the recent Annual general meeting of the Board the decision was taken to reduce the number of directors. We are confident that this will not reduce the effectiveness of the magazine. Again we need to give thanks to Max Whiley who has stepped down as Chairman and as a board member since Contrafed Publishing Co was formed over 20 years ago.


Warren Green, Fletcher Construction Ltd and well known to many people in the crane industry has been in Greenlane Hospital since 19 June. We wish Warren a speedy recovery from all in the industry.

A Plea

I mentioned at the conference during the Annual general meeting the fact that we have three companies: the Association; the ITO and Crane Training New Zealand. Please, when you receive accounts for payment you do not lump the whole lot together and send us one cheque - make sure that you send cheques for the correct companies otherwise it costs all members money for the time taken for us to make the necessary adjustments.

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