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HOIST - July 2002

From the President

Successful. I think that describes the 28th Annual Conference that was held on 12/13th July at the Novotel Tainui Hotel in Hamilton. The programme was varied and there was something in it for all. I would like to again thank all guests, presenters, sponsors and display booth holders for their contribution and support and of course the delegates who attended.

As I have previously mentioned conferences can only be a success if what is provided is of benefit to members. Please let Ian know if there are items that you consider could be included in the programme for next year.

As many will now know there are two new faces on the council and thanks need to be recorded for the work that Bill Houlker did over a long period of time while he was on council. Bill decided to retire from the council but will still be involved with some projects and I hope that we will be able to call on his expertise in looking after the "technology" side of next years conference. Craig McIntosh has resigned from council due to his own workload changing within the company and I thank him for his time on council. I am sure that he will be back on the council at some point in the not too distant future.

The incoming council has a number of major items to consider during its next term and we look forward to serving the members to the best of our ability.

From the Chief Executive

As Steve has mentioned above the conference was a success and we are now looking toward 2003 in Queenstown.

Some invitations have already been extended to possible speakers and presenters and work will continue on the development of the programme during the coming months. As soon as the venue and dates are set we will advise everybody.

2002/2003 Council

The full council for 2002/03 is as follows:
  • Steve Handyside (President) - NZ Crane Hire Ltd, Auckland
  • Mark Clayton (Vice president) - The Fletcher Construction Co Ltd, Auckland
  • Gordon Stone (Immediate past president) - Titan Cranes Ltd, Christchurch
  • Robert Carden (Associate members representative) - TRT Ltd, Hamilton
  • Dick Parsons (Representing Category B members) - NZ Steel Ltd, Waiuku
  • Jim Juno - Juno Civil Ltd, Stokes Valley
  • Malcolm McWhannell - Brian Perry Civil, Auckland
  • John Boyd - Boyd Crane Hire Ltd, Queenstown
  • Daniel Smith - Daniel Smith Industries Ltd, Rangiora
  • Peter Thompson - Econoshift Ltd, Warkworth

Crane Project of the Year

Congratulations are extended to everyone at Waikato Crane Services Ltd for being awarded the UDC sponsored Crane Project of the Year.

This project involved the erection of the light standards at the new stadium in Hamilton and will be featured in the Contractor magazine shortly. The other entrants (Morrow Equipment Ltd & Daniel Smith Industries Ltd) are also to be congratulated on the standard of their entries.

As usual the standard of the entries was high and this did not make it easy for the three judges (R Carden, E Hubbard & W Green)

It was good to see three high quality entries this year and people should start planning to put in an entry now for the 2003 award - don't leave it until the last minute.

Weighload Trophy

Although Robert Carden represents the Associate members on the council, because of his technical expertise he spent a considerable amount of time during the past year dealing with the Vehicle Dimensions & Mass Rule etc and assisting with other project such as the Conference.

For this reason he was awarded the Weighload trophy for 2002 and all members congratulate Robert for a job well done. Unfortunately for him although the Dimensions & Mass Rule has been completed there will be a need for him to be involved on Road User Charges.

Presentation items

For those who were able to attend the conference and who entered the competition run by Maurice Coffey of Cookes will know that the prize of the jacket was made to the entry that was drawn out that was closest to the actual metres of wire and this was given to Tony Gibson of Waikato Crane Services Ltd.

I have since received a letter from Maurice advising that there was an entry caught in the corner of the box where the answer was actually closer. This was from Rex Pollock of Todd & Pollock Crane Hire Ltd who estimated the metres at 229,000 (actual was 229,074). Maurice has kindly donated another jacket and by the time you read this newsletter Rex should have this. Congratulations to Rex and many thanks for being so honest Maurice.

Conference 2003

I realise that we have just finished one conference but because of the location for next year (Queenstown) and the fact that it is at the time of the winter festival we have had to make arrangements now. These have been done and the following are the details:



Congratulations are extended to the following trainees who have completed their National Certificates since the last newsletter was published in June 2002.

National Certificate in Crane Operation (Mobile)
  • Craig Baynon (Daniel Smith Industries Ltd)
  • Paul Valois (Titan Cranes Ltd)

National Certificate in Crane Operation (Tower)
  • Gilbert Fraser (Tower Auckland (2002) Ltd)

The possible "National Diploma" will be subject to ongoing discussions at the council and with interested parties so that this can be "refined" to ensure that do provide something that is not only beneficial to the industry but also to the potential trainees.

Web Site

A number of people have provided comments on the website and what additional information they would like to see.

We will be working through these over the next month or so to see what further developments are required. Please do not hesitate to provide us with items that you consider would be of benefit to others and could go onto the website.

Vehicle Dimensions & Mass Rule

We have just about completed the requirements for obtaining a Certificate that will be issued where cranes meet the swept path requirements of the Rule.

Companies can operate under either the old or the new rule from 1 July (but not a combination of both) until 30 September. From that date you MUST comply with the new rule. We will be sending out within the next week or two how you should go about getting the new Certificate and we are also giving consideration to the production of a plain language sheet on the essential requirements of the new rule.

Road User Charges

This item will probably occupy a number of councilors for some time during the next 12 months.

We will be considering the best approach to make to try to convince the authorities that the level of road user charges for large tyred vehicles is not fair or reasonable. We will keep you informed of developments.

Occupational Safety & Health

In the last issue of Hoist we published an article that was produced by the Occupational Safety & Health Service. The following is another article that has been forwarded.

"The attention of all crane owners is drawn to the relevant Part of the Crane Code of Practice for the documentation required for their particular crane.

Part8, section 8.1 and 8.2 (1)-(5)
Part9, section9.1 and 9.2 (1)
Part10, section10.1 and 10.2 (1)-(7)
Part11, section11.1 and 11.2 (1)-(2)
Part12, section12.1
Part13, section13.1

The documentation covered in the above Parts is that required for the issue of a Certificate of Inspection from one of the Accredited Inspection Bodies.

The documentation must be complete and refer to the particular crane by serial number.

Where cranes are imported directly by the owner the documentation as required by the Code of Practice must be provided to obtain the Certificate of Inspection."

Readers are also reminded that Safety Lines is available on the OSH website (www.osh.dol.govt.nz) and I would recommend that if you haven't read the June issue you do so as there is a very good article about Codes of Practice.

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