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Membership of the Power Crane Association of NZ (Inc.)

Membership of the Association is open to any crane owner or business supplying goods or services to the crane industry.

For subscription purposes full membership is divided into the following categories of crane owners:



For persons, firms or incorporated companies engaged in the business of owning and operating all types of cranes within New Zealand.



All mobile, tower and general construction cranes


All other types of cranes including overhead travelling, underhung travelling, monorail, wharf and gantry type container cranes and straddle carriers.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP – for persons and firms who or which whilst not directly concerned with the business of owning or operating cranes, are in kindred trades or businesses which fact in the opinion of the Association makes it desirable to admit such persons or firms to membership.
OVERSEAS MEMBERSHIP – for persons or firms who whilst not being directly involved in the New Zealand crane industry are desirous of being members of the Association and in the opinion of the Association it is desirable to have such persons or firms admitted to membership
HONORARY MEMBERSHIP – for persons who have, or whose firm or company has, in the past been Full or Associate Members, but who are no longer eligible to be Full or Associate Members due to having ceased to be engaged in the business of owning or operating cranes within New Zealand or having ceased to be involved in a kindred trade or business.

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