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Here's how some members say it ...

Engineering business.


Three gantry cranes plus truck loader trucks.

"One of my customers, Lyttelton Port Company, made me aware of the Power Crane Association. They depend greatly on the PCA for everything associated with cranes. I figured good enough for them good enough for me.

I used to spend so much time tracking down law and regulation changes, not to mention safety information and new codes of practice. It was so frustrating, a real headache. All of that now comes automatically through the Association. The time I personally save on that alone is own is worth way more than the membership subscription."

Mark Buckley, Transport Manager, Stark Brothers Limited. Full member

Crane services provider.


Seven mobile cranes, three truck loaders, one low loader.

"PCA is the industry's voice. It's important for my business to have my say in matters that affect it, like laws and regulations and so on. As a member I have that. And if I encounter a problem with the authorities I get on the phone to the Chief Executive and he takes action on my behalf. The same applies for industry issues.

If I wasn't a member I couldn't have my say and I would miss out on all that direct support."

Doug Sargeant, Owner, Tranzcrane Limited. Full member

Experienced crane-operator hire company.

"My businesses credibility and reputation relies totally on the quality of the operators I provide. So I'm dependent on their skills and training. I need to keep ahead of training requirements and PCA provides that information. Plus, as a member I get rebates on training courses.

All my clients are PCA members. It's obviously very helpful for my business to be in the Association."

Leigh Catley, Owner, Towers Auckland 2002 Ltd. Associate member

Road Haulage business.


10 truck loader cranes.

"We are quite new members. We've had cranes for 25 years and I decided it was time to stop free-loading and start paying our dues. The benefits are already obvious in a number of ways: the flow of all sorts of vital information; lobbying support; dealing with the bureaucrats and so on.

The member network is also important. For instance I need some spreader bars so I'll find out who makes or designs them through PCA rather than start from scratch with an engineer. That will save us money.

If I knew what I now know I would have joined years ago."

Peter McAuley, General Manager, Hilton Haulage Transport Ltd. Full member

Training provider

"My fellow members know their obligations and accountability as employers. They understand the importance of skills, training and qualifications to power crane operation and the great responsibility placed on their operators.

Training and safety is of major importance to the Association. In effect it's responsible for industry standards. It makes sense for my business to be involved in this matter as it does for crane operating members."

Danny Stephen, Owner, Central Techni-Lube. Associate member

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